About Us

As an industry leader in the tough tools business, Talon Tools (previously known as Creative Equipment) brings a wealth of expertise to the industrial tool’s market. Our exceptional track record of consistently providing quality performance tools has made us a firm favourite in the farming, gardening, commercial and DIY sectors. Talon Tools has a country-wide network of preferred stockists and has partnered with Agrinet and Prodist to create a strong footprint in the agricultural market. This means that you’ll find our range of products almost a stone’s throw away – and if that doesn’t get you excited our online store means never having to leave the comfort of your lazyboy… we’ll deliver straight to your doorstep.


We’re there when you need us most!

Our mission is to provide products that are a cut above the rest, which is why we partnered with leading brands such as Yamaha, Sincro, Master Heaters, Banjo Pumps, MTD, Marunaka and Honda.

Our own Talon products range follows the same quality assured guidelines: built fit-for-purpose to cope with the “South African climate”.

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