Five Tips for the Best Garden Ever!

1. Know your Environment:
Take the time to really watch & study your space, whether it be acreage, a yard, a patio or even a window sill. Know when the sun hits where and for how long. Where is the shade and is it deep and moist there. If you have an automated watering system don’t just set it and forget it. Observe whether it is doing the right job. You can even get your soil tested to learn specifically what amendments it needs.

2. Amend your Soil:
Every soil can use amending. Most soils need a lot of amending to support a beautiful garden. Keep on amending with organic compost. Feed the soil and let the soil feed your plants.

3. Put the Right Plant in the Right Place:
Don’t put a shade lover in the blazing sun. Seems obvious, but without understanding your environment & taking time to learn about the plants you are choosing you are just guessing.

4. Plant Native Plants:
Native plants are plants that would grow naturally in your area. They are designed to thrive where you live and attract pollinators.
Native plants are as a sure a bet as you can get in the garden and by attracting pollinators they help keep your garden growing & beautiful. There is an organization where you can get a list of native plants for your state/region.

5. Mulch:
You can really do no finer thing for your plants than mulching them.
Mulch helps retain moisture, shields tender roots, breaks down into excellent compost and looks great dressing your garden. And don’t be stingy with the amount. About two inches of mulch in all your garden beds is best practice.