Hedge Trimmer Features to Consider

1.Cable Length
If you’re buying an electric hedge trimmer, check the length of the cable that the product is supplied with. You may need an extension lead to reach the far end of the garden or to reach the top of your hedge.

2.Cutting Width/Gap
The larger the gap between the teeth of the blade, the more foliage you can cut in one go. If you have large thick hedges, then you should always buy a hedge trimmer with a larger blade gap.
Note the blade gap doesn’t necessarily represent the thickness of the branch the hedge trimmer will cut. To cut thick branches you should look to use loppers or secateurs to remove the branch.

3.Blade Length
If you have long or tall hedges, you should consider buying a hedge trimmer with an extended blade. This will save time as you can cut more of the hedge in one go, and will provide your hedge with a much more even cut. An increased blade length will increase the overall weight of the hedge trimmer. If you are going to buy a hedge trimmer with a longer blade, check that it’s still comfortable and easy to use.

4.Blade Quality and Type
Cheap hedge trimmers typically include a standard machine pressed steel blade. More expensive hedge trimmers have blades that are cut by lasers, making them much sharper, providing a much cleaner cut to the branches of your hedge. This helps make the hedge look neater and tidier.

5.SIngle or Dual Action
A dual action blade is best, as both the top and bottom blades will move at the same time when cutting, giving the hedge a cleaner cut. On a single action blade, only the top blade will move. This will typically tear the leaves on the hedge providing a worse finish than a dual action hedge trimmer.

6.Adjustable or telescopic hedge trimmers
Adjustable or telescopic hedge trimmers, take this principle one step further. These hedge trimmers allow you to change the length of the shaft. They typically reach lengths of up to 3 meters in height. The best telescopic hedge trimmers have pivoting trimmer heads which also allow you to cut the top of the hedge with ease.

7.Weight and Balance
You should always try holding the hedge trimmer before you buy it, as they come in a variety of weights and balances. What is best is down to your individual preference, but choose something you can hold comfortably for a long period of time for the best results.

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