Turn your garden into a healthy and sustainable food source…   Size and location – Keep things simple by starting small. You’ll be far more satisfied with a small garden that is easy to care for, plus you can always expand as you get better at organic gardening. Don’t feel that you need a huge piece


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Here’s an easy water garden Try a pond-in-a-pot You want an easy water garden, but digging a hole in the ground and wrestling with pond liners doesn’t seem particularly easy, nor is it your idea of a fun weekend. So here’s a neat water garden that’s versatile, doesn’t take up much space and requires little

Prodist Open Day 27-29 June 2017

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Outdoor X – 27&28 May 2017

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Nampo – 16-19 May 2017

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This year Creative Equipment were invited to attend the Outdoor X at Malonjeni Lodge between Heidelberg and Vereeniging by Mr Lawnmower and Pool. The stats show that there were 70 000 – odd people that attended the show for the two days. Once again it was an opportunity for us as a company to exhibit our

New products

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New products from Master Heaters • Bio Cooler BC60 • CF75

NAMPO – 17-20 May 2016

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Feedback from NAMPO: This year was SA’s 50th Harvest Day which shattered more than one record. This year’s attendance was 75 116 people while a total of 685 exhibitors participated (the most ever) Compared to last year’s 399 light aircraft and helicopters that landed on the four days at Nampo Park , this year’s number amounted

23 February 2016 we had a very successful training done by Sincro on our 4-pole alternators. 45 people attended the training at the Nicol Hotel. Alen Pavlica from Sincro Croatia did the training.  

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