Your generator can serve you for many years. But it can also break in no time at all. The difference comes with good maintenance habits.

Plan a 6-month cycle

Most of the maintenance of your generator will take place within a six month period. The simplest tasks involve inspection: is there enough oil, coolant, fuel and so on. Some routine tasks, such as cleaning the air filter, can happen monthly or weekly – depending on the size and workload of the generator. Replacing oil filters and such need to happen every few months. What you absolutely should not do is install and forget. Generators are hard-working machines and badly-treated ones can fail catastrophically.

Never use it indoors

Generators create fumes, the type that will likely incapacitate you before you even know you’ve been poisoned. So a generator must always be in a well-ventilated space. Even enclosures for generators are specially designed to make sure that air circulation is at its best. You can also damage a generator if it starts running out of air, so make sure your machine can breathe!

Expect regular oil changes

Generators are busy machines and can run through oil and oil filters rather quickly. Much like a cartridge you buy with your printer, don’t expect the filters that come with the generator to last long. After that, expect to change your oil filters for every 50+ hours o