Ride It Like You Stole It

The energy and hype at this year’s Mini-Munga’s has been amazing. To see the growth in numbers and excitement amongst all these endurance athletes has been so rewarding for all of us @Talon. The actual ride out to the west of Jozi is tough, hard and so rewarding. The expressions and smiles on so many faces in the car park @Bidon is priceless. For so many athletes on their 1st Mini Munga’s this is simply the furthest and hardest day out they’ve ever experienced. For many, they’ll go on to push even harder as the events get harder & longer. The Munga has introduced them into the world of endurance sport! As you know, only 6 of us started out on the 1st Mini Munga with you many years ago, and to see the momentum and riding experience develop over time has personally been extremely rewarding.

Due to the unique way the Mini-Munga’s are run, it really is one of the few sporting events that can operate in a Covid safe environment. By starting and finishing at your own time and following a prescribed GPS route, you really don’t need to come near any other riders if you choose not to. The format of FTR (free to ride) is unique in the MTB world where organised have substantial price tags. I would think this is particularly tough for you to sustain, somehow you’ve managed to keep growing and deliver year after year. From our side @Talon, we’re grateful to be a part of these events and will hopefully continue to add value. What started out as a fun event has become important to us in marketing the “Talon” brand to the hardened cyclist looking for something tough, and life changing. These values resonate within our business.

We’re all aware that one of the best ways to keep healthy is to remain active. Here’s a sporting event that allows those passionate cyclists to get out there and enjoy the riding deep into the west of Johannesburg. Its and ideal way to keep our fitness levels up, get rid of the work week’s challenges and strive to participate in the actual “Munga” or for the 1st time the “Munga Grit.” A big thank-you to you Alex, your family and colleagues who’ve made this event work. You’ve kept the dream alive for so many athletes to compete in something special and rewarding. Keep changing people’s lives!