Size and location

Keep things simple by starting small. You’ll be far more satisfied with a small garden that is easy to care for, plus you can always expand as you get better at organic gardening. Don’t feel that you need a huge piece of land space to grow your vegetables. Vegetables can be successfully grown in containers and there are even vegetable varieties suitable for container growing, such as patio cucumbers, mini sweet bell peppers and many others.

In terms of location, most of the main vegetable varieties enjoy a sunny spot (at least 8 hours of full sun a day) that is protected from the elements like wind and where water is in ample supply. Follow planting guidelines so that you plant your seeds and/or seedlings according to the recommended depth and spacing. Proper plant spacing will also make it easier to access your crops when it’s time to harvest them.

It’s all in the timing

Decide what vegetables you want to grow and which time of the year is best to do so, as this will help you avoid food wastage and unnecessary costs by planting the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Easiest vegetables for beginner gardeners:

  • Carrots