Talon Petrol Bower 2 stroke 75cm³ Backpack

High displacement professional blower cleaning of streets, parks and great surfaces.
Its oversized air filter in top position ensures clean air for intake, even in the worst
conditions, increasing engine life.
New design of the fan blades for greater volume of air at the same revolutions allowing
the user to work with less motor speed reducing noise level and fuel consumption.

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Engine   2 Stroke
Cubic capacity cm³ 75
Maximum Power kW 3,7
Turning regime when idle (min-1) 2800±200
Maximum engine turning regime (min-1) 7.500
Petrol   Petrol and oil for 2 stroke engines at 2%
Petrol consumption at maximum power (g/kWh) 2,3
Petrol tank l 2,4
Air speed km/h 324
Maximum air flow rate m³/m 27,6
Average sound power level LwA, dB(A) 109
Guaranteed sound power level LwA dB(A) 113
Vibration level of handle (ISO 22867) (m/s2) 1,5
Dimensions cm 57x39x32
Weight kg 12,3